Isaura Hernández Navarro



2018  Bachelor in Fine arts and Media. Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)

2017  Internship at Fotograf Festival #7. Prague, Czech Republic.

2015  Exchange in Communications and Media.  Luca School of Arts, Belgium.

2012  Graphic design. Don Bosco Technical Highschool


Group exhibitions

2018 Ritual. Intac Collective. Samtan Art Mine, South Korea.

2017 Desire. Intac Collective. University of Arts, Osaka, Japan.

2016 Portfolio, New Beginnings. Mediapolis, Tampere. Finland.

2016 Desire. Intac Collective. Nykyaika Gallery. Tampere, Finland.

2015 Live Game presentation in Emergent Game Design. Genk, Belgium.

2015 Elusive. Video screening at KINO. Tampere, Finland.

2015 FACE. Video exhibition at Palader House Tampere, Finland.

2010 ID. Photography installation. San Jose, Costa Rica.