Around the world many people face harsh decisions in order to be with their love ones.

Either because of social or political obstacles,  borders have become not only physical but also mental ways of division. Feels like immigration laws around the world are meant to divide us from each other and stop us from being able to relate together.

Mixed nationality couples may face not only social disapproval sometimes but also bureaucratic impediments.

What if the decision of being together was not your own?

Uproot intends to tell this stories in order to challenge ourselves for a better future.

The Project

Uproot is the working title for a photography series about mixed nationality couples. The project intends to create a bridge between people with different backgrounds. The project started on Autumn 2016 and is planned to continue till a 100 couples are included. So far the first publication of the project includes 6 couples. The 1st edition of the publication consist on a 40 page book with more than 20 color photos, printed in matte paper size 30cm x 26cm.